A Twist On a Childhood Dish

Hello There Lovelies!

Let’s talk about the wonderful food that is pierogies. Pierogies are dear to my heart and they bring back wonderful childhood food memories. It was easy and cheap for my mom to throw a few perogies on the stove top maybe a vegetable and serve dinner. I was- for the most part- an easy kid and would eat whatever mom gave me, especially if it was mashed potato filled pasta! I use to eat pierogies with just butter and maybe some cheese, but this time around I felt I should spice it up a bit and make something fun.


This dish was spectacular in every way! I sauteed the pierogies with italian tofurky sausage, cherry tomatoes, fresh garlic, a little cream and pesto. Top it off with some fresh shaved parmesan and you have yourself a heart-warming meal my friend. On the side we have oven roasted honey balsamic glazed brussel sprouts and lemon pepper radishes. Both of the vegetables came out so tender and delicious, not to mention this was all so darn easy to make. My favorite way to prepare veggies is baking them in the oven, all you do is toss them in whatever seasoning you want, add a little olive oil and pop it in the oven!

From start to finish I love making a meal. Starting with researching ideas on what to make, going to the store to peruse the aisles for ingredients, then coming home to unpack and start cooking. I put on either a podcast or music and i’m instantly in my own world. I give Sean a job to do while we talk and laugh about nothing and everything. I dance about and sing along while the aromas of a good dinner fill the air. If I could bottle the feeling and sell it, I’d be rich. When the dinner is complete, Sean clears off the table, lights a candle, pours the wine and gets the space picture ready. He amazes me with his support for my food and blog. Once we are done with the mini photo shoot, we get to demolish the picture perfect dinner 🙂 This one in particular I will FORSURE be making again in the future! At the end of every meal I make some tea, we curl up on the couch in a food coma and let the evening end.


Thank you for reading and please stay tuned for more to come:)

With Love,

C. Laino

Italian Wedding Soup

What to do on a relaxing Sunday off? Make outrageously delicious food of course!

This time I attempted to make Italian wedding soup from a recipe I found on Pinterest you can find the link here. The recipe came from a beautiful blog called Good In The Simple, a blog about everything… Good and Simple! A whole bunch of wonderful food recipes and much much more.

Italian wedding soup also holds a special place in my heart from my childhood. I remember being a kid when my mom would make this soup or chicken noodle soup when I was feeling under the weather. The smell of the soup is hypnotic, the tiny little meatballs with the tiny little acini de pepe pastas make for a wonderful spoonful of flavor and happiness.

Not going to lie, i was a touch terrified to make the soup because I’ve never made it before and worried it wouldn’t even compare to my mom’s soup. Also- I’ve never made meatballs. Yes I know… an Italian that’s never made a meatball?! The shame. I’ve never really been a big fan of red meat in my dishes, I much prefer an all veggie pasta or shrimp or the occasional turkey sausage. However meatballs in the wedding soup aren’t like normal meatballs you would find in a hearty pasta dish, they’re tiny and turn out different when boiled instead of baked or fried. I would say they’re more tender and hold more flavor.

Italian wedding soup 3

I’ve always had the belief that the less ingredients, the better the dish. Simplicity is underrated when it comes to food. The recipe is very easy and a first time meatball creator will do just fine! Making the meatball mixture only took about 15 minutes- the rolling of the tiny meatballs took the most time. I think the meal took about 1 hour to make from start to finish. I would recommend not cooking the acini de pepe very long due to the pasta soaking up the broth and will continue to cook. In our dish I added some bowtie pastas for a fun little twist 🙂

Italian wedding soup 1
A beautiful bowl of Italian wedding soup

I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome of the soup and thought it was just as good as mom’s! The flavor if the meatballs with garlic, onion, parsley and organic chicken broth made for a comforting heart warming meal. Sean and I have been eating salad with all of our meals now but however, this meal called for a savory loaf of rosemary bread with dipping oil.

Italian wedding soup 2

I hope you try out Good In The Simple’s recipe let me know if you do!


C. Laino